I wrote this for a writing community, and since it has a Edgar/Terra theme I'd thought I'd post it here.

Also, I drew a picture of Terra. It doesn't feature Edgar, but I'd like to post it anyways. If it's a problem I'll take it down.
Also, if anyone has tips on cg coloring I'd really appreciate it. Mine skills are not very good. :\

Hope you all enjoy.

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I've read this before, and I made our other mod savifa read it before buuuut

Terra - fanfic

I'd seriously kiss this person if I could find them for whoever wrote this fanfic. It's Edgar/Terra centered and I love it to like iddy bitty pieces srsly.

It's the best one I've found so far.
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GHOST TRICK ☆ Give me a sign


Why does everyone here like TerraxEdgar?

When I first played FFVI, I loved it when Edgar's first concern about this 'dangerous' girl was if he was her type. I thought that was adorable. And I can't remember if there were any other TxE related scenes, but it was that alone that made me adore this pairing. And plus, Terra wants to know what love is and Edgar would be perfect for her.

What do you guys think? :D
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Since I am especially retarded and always forget to some sort of intro post...

Welcome to sandandmagic, a community that discusses and shares their ideas and art and writing of the [romantic] relationship between Terra and Edgar of Final Fantasy VI. I'm Sav(lj user="savifa">) and I'll be your grand ruler for life mod whilst this community (slowly or if ever) starts to grow or...stuff yeah. :DD;

My co-mod (schizophrenic) will be eating your souls for all eternity helping me keep this placen ice and underwraps and all that fun stuff that we mods do.

So feel free to post your stories, questions, discussions, essays, defense reports, art, etc etc. :3 Just be sure to place icons (more than three) behind an LJ cut or fake-cut, as well as anything that's gonna be uber-duber long.

Have fun and enjoy being here.


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